What is Cross Flow Filtration?

Cross Flow Filtration is a one-step process that removes virtually all suspended solids from wine.

Why Choose Willamette Cross Flow?

  • WCF operates out of its core values: Quality, Dependability, and Efficiency—striving to be the industry leader in mobile wine filtration.
  • WCF's patented system is designed for versatility in lot size. The hold up volume is 20 gallons and is designed for batch sizes from a half-barrel to 2000cs.
  • WCF's flow rates range from 200 to 1200 gallons per hour. On-site turbidity meters verify filter integrity.
  • WCF's experience with crossflow filtration predates its 2008 launch. Our specialty is transitioning from “old-fashioned” filtration to Cross Flow filtration.
  • WCF's operators are all trained in “best practices” standards, and carry all necessary hoses and fittings to all on-site operations.
  • WCF machines arrive ready to filter... “gas and go!”
  • WCF clients represent a cross-section of the wine industry, serving clients with ALL varieties of wines, production methods, and facilities.